Victor Goh – KL House Resident

Kuala Lumpur is not only home of the Twin Towers and Air Asia. It also has a lot to offer for lovers of quality electronic music. If you want to know how it went down back in the days and what is happening now, listen to Victor Goh: former Ministry of Sound resident and House DJ in KL for 15 years.

Interview with Joss Moog

Joss Moog is one of my favorite producers and House DJs. I completely overplay his track "Drummin' it" and yet can't stop playing it. His sound is rough and warm, tecky and yet jazzy. Just the way I like it. HighTechSoul. I had to find out how he does what he does and asked him for a interview session, which we eventually had recently. Here is the recording of that session and the transcript for those of you who rather read than listen.

House DJ in LA – California!

When Ryan from MegaPartnering said he was looking for a House DJ to play at their event in Los Angeles 4 months ago, I was not sure what to say. MegaPartnering LA? It sounded exciting in the first place, but also included traveling for two entire days and a 15 hour time shift. Thinking back and forth, I was about to cancel. But after another conversation I reminded myself to take risk and embrace opportunities. So I went, and boy am I glad I went.

Follow the White Rabbit @ Stratospehere

Quite an unusual experience to play on a Helipad in the open, surrounded by people in animal suits with a 360 city-lights backdrop. The panorama was amazing. As you can see in the pics, Mathieu aka DJ French Chris decided to dress as a green hippo – at least that was my closest guess. Weather-wise we were more than lucky – only a few hours later a massive thunderstorm broke loose over KL.
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