House DJ in LA – California!

When Ryan from MegaPartnering said he was looking for a House DJ to play at their event in Los Angeles 4 months ago, I was not sure what to say. MegaPartnering LA? It sounded exciting in the first place, but also included traveling for two entire days and a 15 hour time shift. Thinking back and forth, I was about to cancel. But after another conversation I reminded myself to take risk and embrace opportunities. So I went, and boy am I glad I went.

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Quite an unusual experience to play on a Helipad in the open, surrounded by people in animal suits with a 360 city-lights backdrop. The panorama was amazing. As you can see in the pics, Mathieu aka DJ French Chris decided to dress as a green hippo – at least that was my closest guess. Weather-wise we were more than lucky – only a few hours later a massive thunderstorm broke loose over KL.